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Jim Bursch is an American entrepreneur, journalist, and software developer. His career encompasses roles in military and public service, journalism, technology, and cryptocurrency. Bursch served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and as a Reserve Police Officer. He founded NoHo Magazine, a key publication for North Hollywood's arts scene. Transitioning to technology, he conceptualized MemoTrader and contributed to cryptocurrency, particularly Dash. Bursch is also the developer of a gaming community platform and advocates for privacy in technology.

Military and Public Service

Jim Bursch's military and public service includes his time in the United States Marine Corps Reserve from 1983 to 1989. After his military service, he continued his commitment to public service as a Reserve Police Officer with the Glendale Police Department from 1989 to 1991. This period of service reflects Bursch's dedication to serving his country and community, showcasing a different aspect of his multifaceted career that spans across journalism, technology, and community engagement.


Jim Bursch's journalism career began with the founding of NoHo Magazine, a monthly community literary magazine that he established in 1993. The magazine, which focused on the arts scene in North Hollywood, marked his initial foray into the world of journalism. He later transitioned to digital journalism as an Online News Editor at Los Angeles Daily News, overseeing web content. Bursch also founded West L.A. Online, a community news blog, and served as Community News Editor at Westside Today, demonstrating his adaptability and breadth in journalism.

NoHo Magazine

As the publisher of NoHo Magazine, Bursch played a pivotal role in documenting and shaping the NoHo Arts District. The magazine, active from 1993 to 1994, focused on the burgeoning arts scene in North Hollywood. Initially skeptical, viewing the arts district as a real estate gimmick, Bursch later appreciated its deeper artistic significance. The magazine emphasized creative endeavors over geographical or architectural elements. Bursch's current project, NoHo20, serves as an archive of the magazine and a memoir project titled "Critic’s Dilemma," reflecting on the magazine's legacy and his personal journey.

Transition to Technology and Entrepreneurship

In the early 2000s, Bursch transitioned to the technology sector. He worked as a content producer for Homestore.com, and later as a systems analyst following the company's spectacular collapse. It was during this time that he conceptualized MemoTrader, an innovative messaging application that integrates financial transactions.

Contributions to Cryptocurrency

Bursch's interest in cryptocurrency began around 2013 with Bitcoin, which he intended to use in MemoTrader for its payment system. However, due to rising transaction costs and confirmation times with Bitcoin, he shifted his focus to Dash, a cryptocurrency that aligns with his need for a digital equivalent of cash. His most notable contribution to Dash is the creation of its bug bounty program, aimed at improving its security and usability.


Bursch is an active member of the "Naval Action" gaming community, is known for developing navalgaming.com. His in-game alias is Marlinspike. Bursch's primary aim with Naval Gaming is to enhance the gaming experience by facilitating team play and assisting new players in learning the game. His website, navalgaming.com, serves as a community platform where players can lead or join operations and progress through the ranks. He integrates the site closely with a Discord server to encourage player interaction and communication. Additionally, Bursch contributes by producing instructional videos on the game's YouTube channel.

Philosophy and Privacy Advocacy

A consistent theme in Bursch's work is the emphasis on privacy and the monetization of personal time and attention in a respectful manner. He advocates for the separation of transaction data from private data, leveraging cryptocurrency to achieve this goal.

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